Who is behind the team taking care of you?

Our focus lies on maintaining high standards in administering our antigen rapid tests (ART). We always take swabs according to the guidelines and standards of the major hospitals in Berlin and the Robert Koch Institute’s recommendations for safety and hygiene.


Prof. Dr. Fluhr

Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Fluhr

Medical advisor

Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Fluhr is our medical advisor. He is a senior physician at the Charité. His work includes supervising the implementation of our training material and personnel training as well as adherence to hygiene etiquette rules and security measures. In addition, he is also our contact for the Berlin public health departments.

Doctor Zaid

Amine Zaid

Physician in charge

Amine Zaid, doctor at the Tagesklinik Kapellenberg, conducts the medical training of our staff members. His responsibilities include hygiene etiquette and the safety of our personnel. Additionally, if there is enough time, he also administers tests himself.

Doctor Tomke Zschachlitz

Tomke Zschachlitz


As part of our medical team, Tomke Zschachlitz administers and analyzes tests herself as well as supervising the work of our medically trained personnel.

Client Account Manager Mara Slawinski

Mara Slawinski

Client Account Manager

Mara Slawinski and our customer support team are happy to welcome you to our testing facilities and assist you with registration, payment and any questions you might have.

Marc Lindner

Project Manager

Marc Lindner is our project manager. He is responsible for ensuring a smooth testing process for both customers and staff.

Part of our team

in front of our testing facility at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche. Left to right:

Managing Director Benjamin Föckersperger, Doctor Tomke Zschachlitz, Medical Advisor Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Fluhr, Doctor Amine Zaid, Client Account Manager Mara Slawinski